I liked to go to the Canadian Rockies but Tina didn't like to fly... So we decided to go to Finland. I only reserved the nightboat from Stockholm (Sweden) to Turku (south Finland) and we decided to take a nice hotel every other evening.

The first person who finds the 150 incorrect spelled words in my text (which I put there on purpose) gets a strawberry cake!


We went by car via Germany and stayed the first night in Denmark.
GÖ !!
  My friend Ronald told me he found Denmark is somewhat like teletubbyland :-)


In that Danish hotel they had a vew aquaria with exotic fish in it.
Denmark is not that big and the next day we came to Sweden!
  Sweden is like one big forest!
Nice Fir, Birch and Pinetrees

  They Swedes know their woodworking:
Look at this 4'' / 100 mm thick window! triple-glassed and two rubber sealings.
  And they have papermills.....
  Lumbertrucks all day long...

And pallets ;-)
This pic is for Henk, our boy next door who has a special interest in 'Pellards' as he calls it.

Swedish fastfood.
If you are hungry you look for a nice... Gasstation!
They call it 'roadcook'. They serve good food for a little money.
  For the boys :-)
Small army trucks - seems to be able to move everywhere.
They were 'for sale!'

OK, OK - now one for the girls...
Ikea headquarters in Stockholm.
They had 'a sale' today!

I tought I found the ultimate hardrockdrink but it was...... springwater :-)
When you are in Sweden at the 'Hollander square' I think you are allowed to park your car the way I did.


Not every Swede drives a Volvo or a Saab - some Swedes have good taste!

  Random-picked home of one of my cliënts.
When in Stockholm I remembered one of my cliënts living there. He once ordered some wood to restore some old family-owned  funiture.
Can't remember his last name... I'm even not sure he has one....

His occupation:

King of Sweden!


Nice ship in the Stockholm harbour
pictured while waiting on the ferry....

Where I met ... The Dutchman
I recognized the Dutch licenceplates so I went to the open carwindow and did my standard-act by saying "Good Afternoon fellow countrymen" to start some conversation.
The guy looked in my face and told me: 'you look familiair, I know who you are' . It seems I'm getting famous in the woodbusiness....
  Leaving Stockholm...
On the nightboat to Finland.


Finland looks like Sweden I think. Lots of forest - but a little less hillsides.
.... and arriving in Turku, South Finland the next morning....
My businessfriend Hans van Lieshout would call it  'a diarrhea' of islands between those two cities :-)

After we arrived we drove to central Finland.
  Hotel in Jyväskylä...
... with a view
In the background the university

The reason we went to Jyväskylä:
We bought some books of the Finnish writer Arto Paasilinna.  The characters in his books tend to go to Jyväskylä over and over again so we tought it would be 'big fun' over there. And it sure was!

Voor de VWO'ers onder u: nee, de vertaling.
  Shagadelic baby
Looks like Austin Powers airplaine.
Seen in the museum of the Finnish airforce.
  Even more groovy:
The mirrors used in air recognisance devices


And the grooviest of all:
I found an insign of the Royal Dutch Airforce made of... MY WOOD!

The camper
(a 'Rainman' experience)
We drove behind a recreation vehicle and by smelling the exhaust fumes I recognized the Diesel-engine of the Hanomag F30. (small truck from the 70's) So when passing it I asked Tina to take a pic as evidence... but ....
Believe me - I was correct!
  Alvar Aalto museum
Alvar Aalto was a famous architect. He made buildings all over the world
  He was the inventer of bended wood in the 1930's

And also designed funiture, glas and ceramics.

The closest I'll ever get to a cellphone!
  Dmitry, I've been to Russia!
Just one small step for a man but it felt like a giant leap to me. The border still looked like entering 'the evil empire' as in the days of the cold war and Ronald Reagan.
  Our second hotel in Finland not only had two bathrooms....

but also an atomic shelter !
It was about 40 km from the Russian border.

En wie staat er hier?
Maar toch knap dat die Finse wegenbouwers wisten dat ik PRECIES daar zou gaan staan!

For the boys!
Some heavy Finnish-built engines.

Who are these?
  Finland is called 'the land of the 1000 lakes'....

There are by the way over 10.000 lakes, but the most of them are invisible because of the trees standing around them!
  Look at these trees!

And the beautifull things they make of it.

Would you call your supermarket KKK as in  'Klu Klux Klan' ?

Some very nice little statues in the city of Oulu - one for every profession in the 19th century. Tina loved them.
  As a lumberyard- and a wooden house owner I kept looking for wooden buildings. Old ones had my special interest!
  Fishermans sheds
  Modern Finnish house

SWEDEN (again)
We came by boat but liked to leave Finland by land, so we drove up to the Finnish-Swedish border.
The weather was PERFECT altough we were almost at the polar circle.
And in North American style.

If there is a hill.... there is a ski-jump ramp!

These are FLOWERS!!

And a large bridge
  In Sweden there is a lot of 'industrial heritage'.
This is an old iron melting stove - the base of todays metal industry
  The Göta-Kanal
the longest canal in the world.
It was the backbone in Swedish transportation for over a hundred years. Small seaships could travel into the inlands to load lumber and ore.
  A 15 meter / 50 feet waterwheel. Used for the mining industry. It developed about fourty horsepower!

Mother of all Swedish forlifts!
Is of course a Ljungby -truck.  It was on a roundabout in the city of  Lungby, hometown of the heavy Kalmar- and SVE forklifts.

Tina at Breakfast.
The secret reason I went to Scandinavia is that all hotels serve several kinds of fish for breakfast!
Jus before I took this pic there were two crossing this street BELIEVE ME!!
But I missed them...
Every IKEA has the 'look out for Elks' traffic signs. 

But I never saw one in all of our Scandinavia trips.

DENMARK (again)

South of Sweden on our way to Germany we crossed the little country of Denmark. It's a kingdom for over a 1000 years...
But finally I found one.

And they are BIG.
Now our Sweden-experience was complete.


To be...
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.
Gosh I hated Shakespeare when I was 15. 
... or not to be
No questions about it: he sure had a beautifull castle! 

(click on pic to enlarge it)


German Autobahn!
No speed limits here.
Last time I drove here (and Tina was asleep -duhh) I tested my cars topspeed. I tried to go faster than 220 km - but it couldn't....  There was a PORSCHE driving in front of me. (this one on the pic was a little slower)



We enjoyed our trip and I hope you enjoyed our pics.

Geert van Dijk

Back Home!
What is the first thing a real dutchman wants to eat after he crosses the Dutch border? Frikadel Speciaal!
That is Dutch junkfood :-)
A sausage with unions, curry- and mayonaise-sause. MMMM, but not too often!
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