Laboe  / Kiel

U995 was in service during world war II. It sunk several Allied boats in the Northern seas on their route to Russia.

Hi Farmer Phil, we discussed U-boats so I made this page for you to see the U995 in Kiel, Germany.

It sits on the beach

You pay in the booth

This is Henk, our boy-next-door who traveled with us,

The boat was full with gauges, tubes, valves... everywhere!

One of the two Diesel engines

"E-maschine" levers

Beds that were always occupied.
On top are the 'lockers' of the crew.

Depth rudder (I guess)

Vocal pipe :-)

1940ties 'High tech' position indicators

There was one big door ...

But Henk did also the U-boot crew door-dive

Torpedo rail, still usable

Henk between torpedo tubes

One is still in there

And Henk is launching it.

Henk is sheltering for the rain :-)

This is me

Other side of the boat


City of Kiel and a ferry leaving for Scandinavia

The building on the beackground is a monument for the fallen serviceman in the first- and second world war.

Guns on top


My wife Tina

"Dogs must be kept on leash"

So we did  ;-)

Well, those beach chairs just had numbers on it. But when you just visited a German U-boat you might read something else ;-)

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